How does mental wellness affect a pregnancy?

In today’s blog, we provide this wonderful example of integrated medicine at Aurora Health Care.

I have a patient who is pregnant in the last 5 weeks of her pregnancy.  She is a “high-risk” patient, as her previous pregnancy did not go well with regards to a breach birth and her own blood pressure elevating to the point where she needed to be put on blood pressure medication to bring it down.

She was referred by her OB GYN for anxiety – as each week she has been going in for her blood pressure check she has been extremely elevated resulting in subsequent tests to determine if the baby is doing well. We have worked together with deep breathing and visualization to assist in lowering her blood pressure.  We have worked in coordination with her doctor’s office to have her blood pressure taken in our office.

Now her blood pressure has been in the “normal” range and no further tests have had to be conducted on the baby – further provoking anxiety in the mother.

The patient is ecstatic that she has been able to lower her blood pressure with the techniques.  We will continue to work in collaboration with her doctor’s office up until she delivers the baby.  As an added service, since she is having the baby here in our facility I am able to offer to her the ability to visit her in the hospital if she needs me.

Weeks later, here is the follow up:

The baby has been born.  I went down to visit them in the hospital here – Mom, baby, Dad, and baby brother are all doing fine. Mom and Dad were very appreciative for the visit and will be coming back in after they are all settled in for some brief additional extended family work.

Integrative medicine is a philosophy of care that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences affecting a person’s health. Aurora Health Care’s integrated delivery model helps us to coordinate and simplify care, improve quality, keep costs down and improve our patients’ overall health care experience.

Aurora Behavioral Health Services offers complete mental health treatment options in a caring, confidential environment.  If you find you may be struggling with stress that is causing significant physical or emotional impairment in your lifecontact us — online or by phone at 1-877-666-7223 — as soon as possible.


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