What should every doctor know about eating disorders?

Statistics from the National Eating Disorder Association indicate approximately 24 million people suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder in the U.S.

Yet, too many eating disorders are not caught until the illness is entrenched often to the point at which there has already been irreversible physical health damage done, making the illness much more difficult to treat. Studies have repeatedly shown that early intervention leads to better treatment outcomes.

Primary care physicians play a critical role in identifying an eating disorder in a number of ways. Physicians can reduce the potential for an eating disorder by educating patients on nutrition, body image, and risk factors. They can also be the first to identify early warning signs such as changes in weight, vital signs, or other physical complications.

If doctors are able to intervene more promptly and the illness is treated at an earlier stage, it helps alleviate the serious health consequences that accompany prolonged eating disorders; lessens emotional turmoil involved for the entire family; and reduces the financial burden of treatment significantly.

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) latest online course, Screening and Managing Eating Disorders in Primary Practice, a “first-of-its-kind” curriculum, was developed to educate physicians about eating disorders, with the goal of earlier detection and intervention.

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Additional NEDA resources for primary care physicians:

    WHATS UP DOC is a helpful guide for physicians. Using this handy acronym you will be sure to cover a wide array of significant topics with you patients.

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Healthy learning, healthier kids: choose Kradwell School this summer

The beautiful grounds of Kradwell School provide an excellent place for summer learning.

Did you child struggle with school this year? The most recent NAEP (National Assessment on Educational Progress) assessments indicate that less than one-third of U.S. fourth graders are proficient in reading, mathematics, science, and American History.

Summer school is a great opportunity to gain some lost ground. Students who are weak in a subject area, perhaps Math, Science or English,  improve their GPA’s by taking these courses during the summer and concentrate on their other courses during the regular school year, in addition to freeing up their schedules for Art, Band,Theater and Sports opportunities.  It is possible to complete an entire course  of geometry, algebra, biology, chemistry, US history or English during summer school.

Kradwell School is now enrolling for Summer School. Kradwell Summer School provides the opportunity for makeup, enrichment, remediation and social skills development.  Students grades 5 through 12 receive individualized instruction in classes with a 5/1 student/teacher ratio.

The summer program runs from June 19 through August 2 and is often recommended to parents and students because the entire middle and high school core curriculum is available. Kradwell is the only summer school program that offers the entire academic curriculumNew this year is a Social Skills class that incorporates classroom and experiential learning.

Kradwell offers the right balance of challenging academics in a fun and dynamic setting while providing the best opportunity for starting the fall semester with a stronger academic base.

Benefits of the Kradwell Summer School program include

  • Individualized instruction with a 5:1 student teacher ratio
  • Flexible scheduling and experienced teachers
  • Weekly progress notes from each teacher are posted online
  • Instruction for kids of all abilities, including gifted and talented
  • New this year: Social Skills class designed for higher functioning autistic children

Is Kradwell right for your child? Visit our YouTube playlist to hear from Kradwell School graduates, parents and instructors themselves.

For additional Summer School enrollment information or to make a referral, contact Program Coordinator Leslie Newman at 414-454-6593 or leslie.newman@aurora.org